We are a web apps firm in Charleston, SC USA

What is that photo?

Office buildings somewhere.

So it's not from Charleston?


Why did you use it then?

Like it. Also, free.

Alright, how do you pronounce 'sinelabs'?

Like wine-scabs, vine-crabs, line-tabs, fine-cabs, pine-jabs...

Ok, ok, got it, thanks ... but what does it mean?

Sine is latin for 'without' or a math function producing curves. Labs is short for 'laboratory'.

Right, then you either do not have a laboratory, or you have a curvy laboratory?


Which is it?


Ok, umm, so can we hire you for a project?


What is it exactly that you do then?

We build, maintain, and support our web apps.

What are some of your apps?

On the Shopify app store: Metafields2 & SimpleOrderStatus.

What are some of the new apps you are working on?

RDQLS, Splashify, WriteJoint, Graftr, Pollify, etc.

Interesting, can you tell us more about them?


Can we at least send you an email?