Shopify Expert
  • Icon General Consultation
    General Consultation

    We advise and assist you with planning, store configuration, app installations, or any other aspect of Shopify.

  • Icon Store Tweaks & Enhancements
    Store Tweaks & Enhancements

    Front-end layout fixes, add-ons, shopping cart customizations, app integrations, etc.

  • Icon New Store Setup
    New Store Setup

    Choose a theme, send us your product data & images, and we'll do the rest!

  • Icon Custom Theme Builds
    Custom Theme Builds

    Have a custom design ready? We'll build your complete Shopify theme from your artwork.

  • Icon Custom Apps
    Custom Apps

    We can create custom Shopify apps to support additional functionality you need for your store.

  • Icon 3rd-party Integrations
    3rd-party Integrations

    Let us help integrate third-party web sites and applications into your store, front-end or back-end.

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Suggest an App!

We have three new apps in the hopper as we speak, Rātify for simple 5-star product ratings, Pollify for simple embedded user polls, and an integrated wishlist app called Wishify. We are also investigating the possibility of creating QBO Sync – an app to sync your store with Quickbooks Online edition. We can't give an ETA as of yet for these, but we'd love to hear from you if you would like to volunteer to help us test these apps as we get them to alpha stage, or if you have suggestions for new apps that you think are sorely needed by the Shopify community.