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Did you know you can add extra data fields to nearly every resource in your Shopify store? It's true. Shopify has a somewhat hidden feature they call metafields (not the same as meta tags) which has previously been available only to developers thru the Shopify API. The Metafields2 application now provides you the ability to add, manage, import, and export extra fields for nearly everything — the shop itself, collections, products, product variants, customers, orders, blogs, articles & pages!

Simple Order Status

If you've wanted a simple, easy application that would offer your customers a way to lookup and display their order details and order status, you've come to the right app! Over 200 Shopify stores are happily using this app!

Customers will always have questions, but why not let a simple order lookup form on you storefront handle all the routine inquiries leaving you more time to focus on the challenging ones.

Customers lookup orders by order number and their e-mail address. That's it! The application then searches for the matching order and then display the details & status in a nicely formatted view.

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